A more complete website guarantees more results. The websites developed by CODE 49 have additional features that make all the difference. From the development structure that allows better indexing in the search engines to the practicality for the client to find the desired property and interact with the real estate agent. All details are carefully developed for the visitor to have the best experience possible and always return to the real estate website.

Responsive layout

All the real estate websites we develop perfectly fit all types of monitors, and have specific versions for tablets, smartphones and cell phones. More and more mobile devices are gaining ground on the internet, and GOOGLE anticipating this phenomenon already ranks websites that have better flexibility and adaptability for all devices.

indexação no google

Search engine optimization

The real estate websites developed by CODE 49 have a structure that enables better indexing by search engines. Consequently, the website has more pages indexed, which improves the position of the real estate website in the searches.

busca de imóveis no mapa

Map search tool

One of the most interesting features of real estate websites, map search is increasingly used by visitors because it makes searching for properties easier and more accurate. Based on the address of the property, the system will suggest the location of the property on the map, however the agent can adjust the positioning if necessary.

site integrado com sistema imobiliário

Integration with CRM 49

The website is fully integrated with CRM 49, which allows the real estate agent to have all the information they need for a more accurate approach. This is possible because the system identifies properties that have similar characteristics to the properties accessed by the prospect and sends a list of properties by email.

Website live chat

The website also offers different ways for the prospect to contact the real estate agent. It is possible to serve customers through live chat, Whatsapp or Messenger. Inviting visitors to chat increases the chances of converting them into leads.

Real estate CRM softwarefor brokers and agents

As a real estate agent or broker, the most important rule when running a customer-focused business is a simple one: you will be successful as long as your customers are satisfied. This is where the CRM 49 helps the most.

The real estate CRM allows you to register your leads and conduct your marketing and management effortlessly.

Real estate CRM software